How is the Intuitive Healer Training Unique?

The Intuitive Healer Training Offers an Attunement

to Your Higher Self,

Your Inner Wisdom & Your Divinity.

What is an Intuitive Healer?

An Intuitive Healer is Someone Who 

  • Has embraced (and continues to embrace) his or her energetic birthright,

  • Aligned with their higher self, their divinity, and wholeness ~ in body.

And therefore,

  • Has the capacity to employ his or her intuitive gifts to confidently assist his or her clients to align with and connect with their own highest wisdom.

What makes this Intuitive Healer Training Unique?

  • In the Intuitive Healer Training we go beyond using our intuitive abilities to offer our clients an "intuitive reading" 

  • You will learn to offer your clients a direct connection with their own highest wisdom, by mastering that ability for yourself.

  • You will attune to & align with your higher self and embrace your divinity, in body.

  • You will embrace your energetic birthright for yourself, and therefore be able to offer it to your clients in your own practice.

Do We Learn to be More Intuitive in the Intuitive Healer Training?

Yes, but we don't stop there.

Throughout the training, you will become more and more aware of your own unique gifts ~ be they clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc. In fact, as we attune to our higher self, all of our intuitive faculties become sharper. But that's just the beginning.


An extremely empowering question anyone interested in intuition can ask him or herself is, "What is my intuition for?" Everyone is intuitive and discovering that is just step one. Now, what higher purpose will I use this gift for? This is between you and your higher self and a question whose answers will reveal themselves to you throughout the Intuitive Healer Training program.

How Will I Benefit from the Intuitive Healer Training?

  • The Intuitive Healer Training offers us the empowerment of connecting directly with our own higher self and we can then offer it to our own clients.

  • As we align energetically with our higher self, we heal every space within ourselves in need of more light.

  • As we continue to attune to our highest self throughout the Intuitive Healer Training, we make room for more and more light within ourselves.

  • Our ability to manifest and create our lives from a higher vibration increases.

  • We become a more powerful healer and light beacon for others to emulate.