Equines Helping Empaths Retreat, 2 Days

Are you sensitive to energy? Do you LOVE animals, and maybe especially, equines? ​​ Are you often overwhelmed by unexplainable fatigue? Are boundaries a particular chall...
Equines Helping Empaths 2-Day Retreat
Started Jun 26
Equines Helping Empaths Retreat
Two Days: Friday, June 26, 1-5pm & Sat, June 27, 12-5:30pm (Lodging and meals are not included).

Are you an empath? Are you sensitive to energy, or feel like you take on the energy of all around you? Would you like to learn techniques to stay grounded, and centered in your own energy field?

  • Are you often overwhelmed by unexplainable fatigue?

  • Are boundaries a particular challenge for you?

  • Do you experience physical symptoms that defy diagnosis or simply just don't go away?

  • Do you often feel that you "catch" other people's negative emotions, even though they tell you how much better you make them feel?

We will practice specific empath support techniques for anchoring our highest vibration (joy, love, abundance, peace and well-being), releasing anything we've picked up that does not belong to us (empaths are experts at that!), and becoming less permeable to energies, emotions, and negativity "out there"... all with the support of my equine herd.


You will get a chance to connect one-one with an equine of your choice, to help solidify what you are embracing within yourself during our time together.

Join us!

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