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Interested in Intuitive Healer Training?

Intuitive Practitioner Certification Training Program

Starts Sept 7, 2019

Intuitive Healer Training offers deep transformation and spiritual growth. 

Practitioner Support
& Mentorship
for Intuitive Healing &
Energy Professionals
Ongoing, Join Any Time!

 Get Ongoing Support & Training to 

Create More Abundance, Possibility


in your Service to Others.

Topics we will explore include:

Just as in the Intuitive Practitioner Certification Training, we explore topics and attune to our highest wisdom from the energetic level:

  • How to open energetically to allow oneself to receive greater success and abundance

  • How to "Market" from a place of alignment with your Highest Knowing

  • Feeling drained when working with clients ~ & how to become more resilient energetically

  • Making space in one's energy field for "deserving" & "receiving" success & abundance

  • Exploring where we hold ourselves back, where we hand our power over, where we "hide" ~ and how to shift energetically to anchor our gifts, our light, our greatness and share them with others

  • & more!


Monthly, Interactive, Recorded



Weekly Checkins

& Email Support


A Community of Like-minded Peer Support.

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3, 6 or 12 months 

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Sign up for 3, 6, or 12 Months of Practitioner Support. Includes one 2-hour recorded tele-class per month, plus Email Support


Curious about the Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program?

Would you like to add Intuitive Healing to your offering? The Intuitive Practitioner Certification Training Program is ideal for anyone sensitive to energy, whether you already work with clients, wish to, or simply wish to master your own energy. The Intuitive Healer Training Program offers deep transformation and training for your successful intuitive healing practice. Feel free to call me to find out if the Intuitive Healer Program is for you.

Transform Your Life with the Intuitive Practitioner Certification Training Program.

2019 Intuitive

Practitioner Certification Program

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2019 Intuitive Practitioner Certification

Starting Sept 7th

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thru 06/30

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