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Why Include Donkeys & Horses in Intuitive Healing Training?

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

After a stressful day, one of my favorite therapies is to "hang out" with my herd of equines: two long-eared and two short-eared. Often I just sit with them and the stress seems to simply melt away.

Jade helps with Intuitive Healing Training Certification, Empath Support in Santa Fe, NM, in US

The powerful effects these magical beings have on myself and my students in the Intuitive Healing Training continually amazes me. Horses and donkeys bestow all kinds of gifts upon those who approach them with an intention of healing, greater self-awareness, or simple curiosity. How do they help us heal and connect with our highest knowing? If I had to sum it up in just a few words, it is this: Unlike most humans, most of the time, equines, as a rule, are fully present in the moment.

This is a core piece of what we are learning to do in the Intuitive Healing Training Program.

Why is this such a powerful part of intuitive healing? When we are fully present, we are not being run by our mental body: our doubts, our fears, our beliefs in limitation. We are not multi-tasking. We are not regretting the past or worrying about the future. And most importantly, we are not judging ourselves. And in this place, greater self-love can emerge and take hold within us. This state of presence is an equine's natural state of being.

​​Returning us to our wholeness

In earth healing, which is core to my Intuitive Healing Training, we learn that the person with the less balanced energy system will mirror the person with the more balanced energy system. This is the gift of the healer. When we are near equines, petting them, standing near them, breathing with them, we begin to naturally "mirror" the natural health of their rather large (compared to ours) and powerful energy systems. In essence, they help to restore us to our wholeness, our energetic birthright! Whether long- or short-eared, equines are incredible healers and teachers indeed. And this is why equines have a key role in the Intuitive Healing Training Program. Chantal Fidanza offers Intuitive Healing Training, Intuitive Practitioner Certification, Intuitive Healing Sessions, Tele-courses and Equine Assisted Intuitive Healing Training in Santa Fe, NM.

Whether you are interested in Intuitive Practitioner Certification, Intuitive Healing Training for Personal Growth, Empath Support, or Equine Assisted Healing, feel free to give me a call.

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