• Chantal Fidanza

Empath Overwhelm; Useful Strategies & Intuitive Healing Training

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Are you an empath? Intuitive Healing Training can help you manage the overwhelm.

Intuitive Healing Training & Intuitive Practitioner Certification, Empath Support in Santa Fe, NM, in US
Intuitive Healing Training & Certification, Empath Support in Santa Fe, NM, in US

I find many empaths I encounter have never even heard the term. What is an empath? An empath, to me — and I identify myself as one — is someone whose energetic "wiring" is naturally hypersensitive. Until I did my own intuitive healing training, I had never even heard the term empath, much less realized how difficult this "gift" was making things for me. When properly honed, an empath's sensitivity is an incredible asset! In the Intuitive Healing Training, we learn to reset our energy, so that our burden becomes a gift.

Basic strategies for empaths:

1.) Recognize your true nature. If the above sounds like you, you are probably much more sensitive to energy than most, so why not just embrace that truth? Maybe it even comes as a relief. A-ha! That's what's going on with me! This alone, recognizing who I am (and who I am not) has helped me release overwhelm as much as anything else. And on that note...

2.) Don't compare. Forgive yourself for not being able to do what everyone else seems to be able to do. (Really, why would we want to?) If we are unable to "keep up" out there, we empaths have other gifts. I for one, rarely drive, and when I do, I have a very good reason. This is simply a choice. Driving (especially indiscriminate driving) tends to drain me. So if I can avoid it, I do.

3.) Let go of social pressure to do everything right away and be in "constant contact." We really do have the freedom to be our own highest authority on this one. It's OK to set your own pace. It's OK not to pick up the phone and answer every email immediately. Not everyone will understand, but that's OK too! Sometimes if we stand behind ourselves, even if people don't understand, they will accept it.

4.) Spend quiet time in nature. Nature truly does heal all. It's easy to feel, "Oh, gee, I should be doing something else right now..." Western culture really has us brain-washed when it comes to narrowly defining "meaningful" activity as only activity that is (or looks) "productive." And...

5.) Ground. Connecting to the Earth through our feet seems too simple to be able to work. At least that was my thought before I found someone who truly showed me how to GROUND. No, it's not an overnight quick fix. It takes practice to re-awaken our awareness of our connection to our true Mother. And patience. This is where the Intuitive Healing Training comes in by offering ongoing support for this energetic "reset."

What grounding offers, especially to us empaths, is priceless. And this is what I teach in the Intuitive Healer Training Program. It clears our energy field of extraneous / negative energies and emotions within us or that we have "picked up." It makes us less "permeable" to unwanted foreign energies and emotions. With practice, it connects us to our Higher Knowing, our Intuition, and our Soul Purpose. It allows us to anchor our Higher Self, our Divine Self, in our body, so that every cell of our being can be informed, purified, blessed by our own Light. It allows us to embrace and manifest our vision ~ from our Higher Self.

6.) Consider Intuitive Healing Training for Deeply Transformational Empath Support

Intuitive Healing Training is the Perfect Training for Empaths

It's hard to overstate the value of energetic training for those of us who are sensitive. There is no quick or superficial fix; the solution must come from how we are managing our energy ~ which is why I've opened up the Intuitive Healing Training Program to those who wish to enroll simply for personal growth. In the Intuitive Healing Training Program, whether you decide to seek certification to work with your own clients or not, you will learn to anchor your light, become less permeable to external energies, and thrive in every area of your own life.

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