• Chantal Fidanza

Manifesting from the Higher Dimensions is Your Birthright

Intuition Training & Intuitive Healer Training in Santa Fe, NM
Empowerment Classes & Intuitive Healer Training in Santa Fe, NM

Messages we’ve internalized from our culture keep us running on a compromised energy field, causing us to feel blocked, depressed, frustrated and unwell. All without us realizing what's happening.

The truth is that the ability to manifest ~ joy, flow, ease, abundance, wellness, our highest vision ~ is our birthright. What does mean? It means that manifesting is our natural state of being. For those of us who are called to embrace empowerment, we just need someone to show us how to align energetically with our divinity (and some devotion on our part to anchor this new energetic alignment within ourselves) to naturally restore our ability to create in 3D from our highest vibration.

What would you like to create?

· Abundance, Love, Joy?: Our ability to manifest and create our lives from a higher vibration increases as we practice an energetic alignment with our Higher Self.

· Empowerment?: As we continue to invite in energetically our higher self, we are no longer relying on others to "read" us. We receive the empowerment of true Self Knowing and Self Trust.

· The Ability to Self Heal?: As we learn to “anchor” our divine self, we heal every space within ourselves in need of more light, by releasing (organically and without "effort") what no longer serves. We then have the opportunity to heal ourselves in body, emotion, mind and spirit.

· Transformation?: As we embody more of our light, we transform our own lives and become larger and larger light beacons for others to emulate.

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