• Chantal Fidanza

How Intuitive Healing Training Helped Me to Heal my Body

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Intuitive Healing Training Certification, Empath Support in Santa Fe, NM, in US
Intuitive Healing Training Certification, Empath Support in Santa Fe, NM, in US

"It's in your head."

Years ago, feeling completely unwell —fatigued, depressed, with chronic digestive issues — I visited doctor after doctor only to hear repeatedly, “Your tests show you are fine,” or “It’s in your head.” I was getting frustrated and feeling desperate.

Life as a sponge is painful.

At the time, I did not know that I was (and am) an empath, someone particularly sensitive to energy. Many of us are and don't realize it, and suffer as a consequence! As empaths tend to do (at least until we become aware of our wiring and receive proper training to anchor it) I was unconsciously soaking up other people’s emotions and negativity like a sponge and then wondering why I was so tired, depressed and unable to function. Hmmm!

Getting to the root, literally.

Having given up on conventional medicine to help me, I turned to natural healing: acupuncture, diet, and other modalities, with some success. However, it wasn’t until — seemingly by "chance" — I found an Intuitive Healer who taught me to ground, that I began to turn my physical and emotional health around for good. Through grounding, I found I could connect with my intuition effortlessly, and address healing at its root: the energetic level, a level that conventional medicine appears not to truly recognize, much less understand.

Self-healing is our birthright.

In time, with daily practice and a lot of patience and compassion for myself, I was able to not only heal my body, but embrace my “sensitive” wiring as a gift (rather than an encumbrance) that I can now call upon to help others learn to connect to their own inner wisdom, to self-know and to self-heal. This is our birthright!

Intuitive Healing Training for Physical Healing

It's hard to believe how "unwell" I felt before my own journey with Intuitive Healing Training. There is no quick or superficial fix; it must come from how we are directing our energy ~ which is why I've opened up the Intuitive Healing Training Program to those who wish to enroll simply for personal growth. In the Intuitive Healing Training Program, you will learn to anchor your light, become less permeable to external energies, and thrive in every area of your own life.

Taking back our power.

Looking back on my journey, I now feel enormously blessed to witness others, through the Intuitive Healing Training, as they heal their lives physically, from illnesses such as IBS, chronic fatigue and sometimes even cancer — not to mention emotionally, and spiritually — through the practice of connecting to the Earth, just as I did. I love when someone with whom I've shared grounding says, “I can’t believe how powerful this.” Yes, truly we are.

Intuitive Practitioner Certification or Intuitive Healing Training for Personal Growth
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