• Chantal Fidanza

The Gift of Being an Empath and Intuitive Healing Training

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Intuitive Healing Training facilitates deep transformation for empaths and anyone who wishes to master their energy.

Intuitive Healing Training, Intuitive Practitioner Certification, Empath Support in Santa Fe, NM, US
Intuitive Healing Training facilitates deep transformation

​​Does this sound like you? Do you often feel unexplainable fatigue, overwhelm or depression that make it difficult to “function” day to day? Are you particularly affected by the emotions of others? Do you find that often, you are the listener, the comforter, and that you have an effortless way of making others feel better, but are often left feeling like they just gave you what they had? Do you have mystery symptoms? Ones that doctors can’t explain, or they tell you “your tests show you are fine,” and yet, you feel so “not right” and unheard? Perhaps you are a practitioner in the healing / helping arts, and would like support for working with your clients (or more clients) without feeling so drained?

I understand!

If any of these descriptions sound familiar to you, I have been there, and I get it. After many years of feeling sick, drained and completely unwell, I was fortunate enough to discover and receive a special kind of intuitive healing training to manage my sensitivity as an empath: specifically, on an energetic level (not just on the surface), so that I am now able to thrive. For me, this was the difference between not caring whether or not I lived and aligning with my purpose and my passion. This is our birthright!

Has it been a “quick fix”? Believe me, it has not! It has taken patience and learning to embrace myself with much deeper compassion than I would have ever thought possible or necessary. But my own intuitive healing training has given me my power back and supports me in every area of my life: physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Embracing the gift.

The burden of the empath is that we can easily reflect EVERYTHING, no matter how dense (ugh!); the GIFT of the empath is that an Empath can also reflect GOD. To do this as our normal state of being, without being drained is our gift to others, but first to ourselves.

Having been there myself, I can teach you, through my own Intuitive Healing Training Program, to turn that empathic “burden” into your greatest gift…one that will allow you to experience more well-being, peace, joy, abundance & empowerment.

Intuitive Healer Training for Personal Growth

It's hard to underestimate the value of energetic training for those of us who are sensitive. There is no quick or superficial fix; it must come from how we are directing our energy ~ which is why I've opened up the Intuitive Healing Training Program to those who wish to enroll simply for personal growth. In the Intuitive Healing Training Program, whether you decide to seek certification to work with your own clients or not, you will learn to anchor your light, become less permeable to external energies, and thrive in every area of your own life.

Interested in Intuitive Healing Training?

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