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Mastering Boundaries for Empaths

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An Introductory 3-week Tele-course to Becoming and Empowered Empath

Do You Know if You an Empath?

  • Is setting boundaries something that seems to be a recurring challenge?

  • Do you ever find you "catch" or "absorb" other people's moods or emotions, or that your mood changes out of the blue for no apparent reason?

  • Do you often feel drained after interacting with people, even those you love, while they walk away feeling better from having interacted with you?

  • Do you have difficultly discerning where your energy bubble ends, and another's begins?

  • Do you often find yourself the "default" caretaker, the one taking more than her / his share of energetic responsibility in relationships?

  • Does the weight of what's happening in the world seem to literally weigh you down?

  • Do you experience "mystery" symptoms, physical challenges that defy diagnosis or remedy?

  • Do people call you "sensitive," and do you often feel completely mis-understood by others because of it?

  • Do you find the "spirit realm" to be much more inviting place to hang out than here, on earth?

If any of this resonates with you, I've been there and I get it!


What Will I Learn in Mastering Boundaries Tele-course for Empaths?

  • The energetic characteristics that make empaths uniquely gifted (and uniquely challenged).

  • How to discern if what you are feeling is yours, someone else's, or a combination of both, and what to do about that.

  • Tools to support you to manage your unique energy blueprint including: 

    • How to set boundaries energetically,

    • Anchoring and staying in your own energy,

    • Becoming less "permeable" to denser or non-resonant energies of other people and the world at large.

  • What does it mean, and how to "embody" your light, your higher self.

How Will I Benefit from the Mastering Boundaries Tele-course?

  • Recognition and Affirmation: No you're not crazy. Yes, you are different (but you're not alone), and it's a blessing!

  • Greater Well Being. The tools you will learn and practice will ultimately give you more energy (Your Light for YOU) and allow your body to align with your spirit fully, and therefore to better support you.

  • Increased Intuition and a strengthened connection with your own inner wisdom. 

  • Balance in Relationships: Shifting how you manage your energy will allow you to come into greater balance in all of your relationships.

  • Increased Empowerment and greater awareness of how to THRIVE as an empath here on earth, in every area of your life.

Program Details for Empath Essentials Tele-course


July 11, 18, 25

No need to get dressed or leave the house! Live, Interactive and Recorded Tele-course.

Enrollment is limited to allow for participant questions.


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