Intuitive Healing Sessions & Empath Support

Healing sessions with Chantal have honestly been the most empowering experiences I have ever known.

Marie Hershman, San Diego, CA

Do people call you "SENSITIVE"?

  • Are you often overwhelmed by unexplainable fatigue?

  • Are boundaries a particular challenge for you?

  • Do you experience physical symptoms that defy diagnosis or simply just don't go away?

  • Do you often feel that you "catch" other people's negative emotions, even though they tell you how much better you make them feel?

I have been there.

As an empath and someone acutely aware of the challenges related to "feeling so much," I specialize in teaching empaths, those with particular sensitivity to energies (and often overwhelmed physically, emotionally, and psychically by it) to learn to manage and channel their gift ~ on an energetic level (rather than on the surface).

Whether you know you are an empath, are wondering if you are one, or would simply like support to connect more deeply to your inner wisdom, an intuitive session, or light journey, with me, will give you that opportunity. You will go home with new awareness of yourself ~ as well as tools, for how to manage your energy for greater clarity, clearer boundaries, more light, joy and empowerment.

It will allow you to return to an awareness of wholeness and of your own multi-dimensionality. It is an opportunity to embrace your divine sovereignty on an energetic level and integrate it into every cell of your being. 

Would You Like to...

  • Become less "permeable" to what's "out there" that does not serve you?

  • Strengthen & expand your energy field ~ creating boundaries from your higher self, without having to "think" about it?

  • Improve your physical health and general well being and have more energy?

  • Get some empath support & feel more empowered?

  • Release old patterns (family of origin, past lives, or present experiences) that no longer serve you?

  • Attune to the wisdom of your body, for increased health, energy & well being?

  • Create the life you envision by merging with your divine power?

  • Discover & Embrace your higher purpose?

You can learn to manage your gift!

Whether you do one session only, a package or one of my deeper ongoing empath support trainings,  you will go home with simple tools to practice at home, and everywhere you go, which will allow you to anchor your empathic (intuitive!) gifts so that it can support you in every area of your life.



Please leave 2 to 2-1/2 hours for your initial session and schedule at a time when you don't have appointments or big commitments for the rest of the day. These sessions are deep attunements that can create significant energy shifts that continue after your session and it's best to leave space for your being to adjust.

Well, I have to say my session with you was worth every penny, literally priceless. I have found my strength! I am beyond eternally grateful to you.

Stacie Ivey, Albuquerque, NM