An intuitive session with me, or a light journey, is an energy attunement to your higher self.


It will allow you to return to an awareness of wholeness and of your own multi-dimensionality. It is an opportunity to embrace your divine sovreignty on an energetic level and integrate it into every cell of your being. During the session I will help you anchor that new awareness into your root and into the earth so that it remains available to you.


Intuitive Healing Sessions / Attunements allow you to…

  • Attune to the wisdom of your body, your multi-dimensional self and the earth

  • Strengthen & expand your energy field

  • Release old patterns that no longer serve you (we don't need to know what they are)

  • Align with your wholeness to embrace deep joy and unshakeable peace

  • Create the life you envision by merging with your divine power

Santa Fe New Mexico Intuitive Healing
Santa Fe New Mexico Intuitive Healing
Santa Fe New Mexico Intuitive Healing
Santa Fe New Mexico Intuitive Healing
Santa Fe New Mexico Intuitive Healing

Attune to your Divine Self

Anchor that Awareness into every cell of your Being

Create your Life from the Higher Vibration that you are in Truth

  • Initial Intuitive Healing Session / Light Journey / Higher Self Attunement, (in person or via phone), 2 hours, $220.00

  • Subsequent Session, 90-minutes (in person or via phone) $185.00 /

  • Subsequent Session, 60 minutes (phone only), $150.00

Intuitive Practitioner Training Instructor
Santa Fe New Mexico Intuitive Healing
Santa Fe New Mexico Intuitive Healing
Santa Fe New Mexico Intuitive Healing
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Santa Fe New Mexico Intuitive Healing

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Equines have a unique ability to mirror back to us our energy, giving us opportunities for growth and healing that (in my experience) humans cannot. For years I have turned to my own equines for my personal healing sessions. Now I am offering them to others.

90-minute Private Equine Assisted Healing Session, scheduled at your convenience.


Equine assisted healing, together with Chantal's gentle and powerful intuitive guidance helps us to:

  • Improve health & relationships

  • Release grief & trauma

  • Empower ourselves to overcome fears and get out of our own way

  • Move forward with our goals and dreams

  • Further ourselves along our spiritual path


Want to find out more?

Visit me and my herd at or feel free to call me at (505) 438-1074 for more info.

Intuitive Practitioner Training Instructor at Your Divine Light

Unicorn Moby

Horses & Donkeys Help Humans to ~

Release trauma, grief, emotional blocks ~

Improve our health ~

Become more present ~


In person Intuitive Healing Sessions / Light Journeys / Attunements and Intuition Trainings are held in my peaceful, mountain-view casita in Santa Fe (San Marcos Area), NM, or via telephone. If you are coming from out of town, as I am (blissfully) a bit off the beaten track, I can offer you some ideas for peaceful places to stay in the area.


If you do decide to come to my location for a session, as an added bonus, you will be warmly greeted by my Reiki-attuned equines ~ essentially starting your session the moment you step out of your car. I have found animals to be the best therapists, and therefore have employed them not only as my support team, but as staff as well.

Your Divine Light Santa Fe NM View


First-time in-person sessions and all telephone sessions must be paid in advance via Paypal / Credit Card or Check. For subsequent in-person sessions, you may pay in advance of the session via Paypal / Credit Card or Check or in cash at the time of the appointment.


I have a 24-hour cancellation policy for any scheduled session. I do not offer refunds, but you may reschedule your session for a full credit as long as I have 24-hour notice. Thank you.