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"Oh my goodness... thank you for another amazing, enlightening class! Words are lost trying to convey the impact. My heart is so full of gratitude for you."

-Alison Martin, Grand Island, NE

Awakening Intuition


An Introduction to Connecting with Your Higher Self

Starts June 16, 2019

Is this training for me?

  • Perfect for anyone new to Intuition as well as those well along the path.  

  • Perfect support for empaths ~ those who are particularly sensitive to energies,

  • Perfect for anyone who wishes to connect more deeply within, and create his / her life from a more empowered, higher vibration place within.

  • Perfect for anyone who would like to learn to manage his / her energy for increased well-being, abundance and joy in their life,

  • For anyone who is curious about the Intuitive Healer Training, this is a perfect place to start.

Looking for something more in-depth? Ask about Intuitive Healer Training / Intuitive Practitioner Certification.

What will I learn?

The class is experiential, so you will learn to receive information directly from your own highest knowing.​ 


Some examples of topics we may explore (please bring your own questions as well!):

  • What is intuition and how do I access it? 

  • With so many voices in my head, how do I know which to trust?

  • For those who are sensitive ~ how to "filter out" too much incoming information without turning off the highest guidance.

  • Setting clear, powerful boundaries for myself without shutting down my heart.

  • Tuning in to subtle energies & discerning what's mine, what's someone else's.

  • Embracing Higher Self wisdom & employing it to create a more joyful, love-filled, abundant life in alignment with your Soul Purpose

  • Perfect Intro to what you will learn in the Intuitive Practitioner Certification / Intuitive Healer Training.

Enrollment is intentionally very limited to allow for abundant participant sharing.

3 Sundays: June 16, June 30, July 14

12-2pm MT 

intuitive practitioner certification

Awakening Intuition

Starts June 16, 2019

3-week Tele-course

3-week Tele-course to help you to learn to discern and strengthen your intuition. Great for empaths!

Perfect Intro to Intuitive Practitioner Certification / Intuitive Healer Training.

Interested in a more

in-depth Intuitive Healing Training for Personal Growth or Professional Certification?

  • Intuitive Healer Training focuses on helping you reach new levels of empowerment and self-healing for yourself,

  • You will learn to experience the truth of your own divine sovereignty, your multi-dimensionality, and your Light, throughout the Intuitive Healer Training Program.

  • Intuitive Healer Training offers training for deep transformation & healing of old-standing wounds from an energetic level, without the need to evaluate or re-hash unnecessarily,

  • If you are an empath, someone sensitive to energies, the Intuitive Healer Training Program will give you tools to master your own energy management, become less permeable to external energies, and create your life from your alignment with your light, 

  • Intuitive Healer Training Program offers training for you to trust your own inner knowing and guidance, above all other voices...

Intuitive Healer Training

for Personal Growth or Professional Certification

10-Month Program


September 7, 2019

Enrolling Now.


  • Intuitive Healer Training Program teaches you to align with and embrace your intuition, you highest wisdom, your divinity and your soul purpose,

  • If you have ever thought about becoming an Intuitive Healer with your own Intuitive Healing Practice,

  • Intuitive Healer Training offers a community of like-minded light beings & ongoing support for your own transformation...

The Intuitive Healing Training Program


Intuitive Healer Training Certification Program may be for you...

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