Certified Intuitive Practitioners & Intuitive Practitioner Training Graduates

Please note: This listing is provided as a courtesy and is to be used as a resource. Unicorn Mesa, LLC dba Your Divine Light and Chantal Fidanza and its representatives, contractors, employees, and all others do not regulate, supervise, or have a financial relationship with the certified intuitive practitioners (guides) listed on the website. The Intuitive Practitioner Certification is an educational program, with certification demonstrating students have fulfilled the program’s requirements.

Ethics, professional responsibility education, and experiential training have been provided to all certified intuitive practitioners who have completed Intuitive Practitioner (Intuitive Guide) Certification. Unicorn Mesa, LLC dba Your Divine Light its representatives, contractors, employees and all others, cannot be held responsible for the conduct, level of expertise, or client’s results, of any individual certified intuitive practitioner or intuitive practitioner graduate.

Certified Intuitive Practitioners: 



Certified Intuitive Guide

Lisa Intuitive Practitioner Certificatio


Certified Intuitive Guide

Ph (505) 672-250

White Rock, NM

Intuitive Practitioner Training Graduates:

The Intuitive Training Graduates listed below have completed the Intuitive Practitioner Class Training and are in various stages or working toward certification. Feel free to contact them directly to find out about discounted or donation-based Intuitive Sessions with them as they complete clinicals for Certification.

You many also contact info@YourDivineLight.biz to find out more.

Bethany IMG_0009 2.JPG


Intuitive Guide Training Graduate



Intuitive Guide Training Graduate

Nick Intuitive Practitioner Certificatio


Intuitive Guide Training Graduate

Ph (415) 238-0235

Fort Collins, CO

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