Frequently asked questions about the Intuitive Healer Training Program

Intuitive Healer Training FAQ's

I'm definitely drawn to the Intuitive Healer Training Program, but how do I know this is for me?

You are welcome to give me a call. (505) 438-1074 I'd be happy to speak with you, answer any questions you have, and explore this possiblity for you together. You might also consider a one-one intuitive session / higher self attunement with me which will give you a sense of how I work and what the Intuitive Healer Training is all about, and how it supports you to embrace your light. You could also "drop in" on one of our current Intuitive Healer Training classes. Give me a call if you are interested in finding out more.

Is the Intuitive Healer Training program only for those who want to work with horses / equines in their intuitive practice?

Not at all! The Intuitive Healer Training Certification will allow you to you to explore and embrace your intuitive gifts to use in way you wish ~ from one on one's in an office / counseling-type setting, to yes, incorporating animals if you wish, to simply using your skills and new-found empowerment to manifest any other vision for your life! I incorporate the equines in the on-site Intuitive Healer Training portion because they are working with me (us) anyway, and because I find they help us to accelerate awareness of subtle energies (as animals do) as well as help us to release anything that no longer serves us ~ demonstrating how we can be "clear" vessels for our clients, others in our lives, and not the least of all ourselves.

Would it be possible to speak with one of your Intuitive Healer Training graduates, to find out their experience?

Absolutely. Give me a call (505) 438-1074, and I'll be happy to provide you with their contact info.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, the Intuitive Healer Training Program fee includes a 6-month payment plan after your initial deposit. There is no additional fee for the payment plan. I do offer a pay-in-full discount with full payment received in full before the start date.