Equine-Assisted Healing Sessions

What does equine-assisted healing help us with?
Just about EVERYTHING!
  • Connecting within & Gaining Clarity

  • Trusting Our Intuition

  • Healing Relationships

  • Health / General Well-being

  • Gaining Confidence & Empowerment

  • Empath Support

  • Releasing Stress, Grief, PTSD

  • Spiritual Growth & More!

Wow, the rest of the week has just been fantastic. Sunday felt like a day for release, and the past few days have just been blissful...When I start to feel overwhelmed or off in any way I just think back to when I had my arms around Jade's neck and that feeling of love and connectedness comes rushing back :) 

- Courtney Miller, Taos, NM



Chantal has a calming presence and understands our need for someone to listen ~ and possesses an understanding of the spiritual soul food we need to face our everyday stressors. Chantal's equine team, especially Abby the donkey, exudes waves of unconditional love and and safe and loving hugs.  

- Bianca L., Abq, NM



I was blessed to receive the emotional healing energy from dear Clemente recently.  I was struggling with an issue and immediately after connecting with him, I felt a sense of peace and calm.  Clemente and Chantal are remarkable, gifted healers of our spirit and I am grateful to have found their beautiful program!

-Alison Martin, Tucson, AZ


 I had an issue that I just really wanted to clear and Chantal mentioned that for a stubborn issue that Moby was the one to work with.  He just got in my space and was able to help me release it!  I am so honored that I got work with Moby.   I highly recommend working with him, he really is magical!


- Lisa S., Los Alamos, NM