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Manifesting from Your Higher Self

New Tele-course

Jan 16 - June 26, 2021

8-Week Live, Interactive Tele-course Training

Master the Energetics of Creating Your Life from Your Highest Vibration

What Are You Called to Manifest?

  • Abundance, Love, Joy?: Our ability to manifest and create our lives from a higher vibration increases as we practice an energetic alignment with our Higher Self.

  • Empowerment?: This class offers training in connecting directly with our own higher self, so we are no longer relying on others to "read" us. We receive the empowerment of true Self Trust.

  • The Ability to Self Heal?: As we align energetically with our higher self, we heal every space within ourselves in need of more light. We have the opportunity to heal ourselves in body, emotion, mind and spirit.

  • More of Your Own Light: As we continue to attune to our highest self throughout the Higher Self Manifesting Class, we make room for more and more light within ourselves., and we create our lives from that higher dimensional space.

  • Transformation: As we embody more of our light, we transform our own lives and become light beacons for others to emulate.

Manifesting from our Higher Self is about

our Energetic Alignment with our Truth, Our Divinity & Our Birthright, In Body.

One of the biggest lies we have been told is that we are powerless. Next in line is the lie that in order to "manifest" we have to "work hard," struggle, and keep "trying" (from the mental body, for example). Even the power of "positive thinking" while there is place for it, by itself is missing a core piece: The energetics within us that set our every experience and outer manifestation in motion. We are much more than our mind, much more powerful. The energetic level, our "light body" if you will, is where our true power, our awareness of our divinity, and our highest knowing reside ~ but it can only serve us on the earth plane if we anchor it in body. This is what we will experience and "attune to" in this class.

Colorful Abstract

Program Details for

Manifesting from Your Higher Self Tele-course.


No need to get dressed or leave the house!

Live, Interactive and Recorded Tele-course.

Enrollment is limited to allow for participant sharing and questions.

Jan 16 - Mar 6, 2021

8-week Live Tele-course

Saturdays, 12-2pm MT


"Oh my goodness... thank you for another amazing, enlightening class! Words are lost trying to convey the impact. My heart is so full of gratitude for you and that I'm on this journey."

-Alison Martin, Animal Communicator, Tucson, AZ